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Goda or Andal was a tamil vaishanva saint in the 8 century A.D. She was found by a devoted vaishnava saint Sri Vishnuchitt Swamiji (Periazhwar) under a Tulsi shrub in Sri Villiputtur town. Being childless Periazhwar brought her up as his own daughter. Periazwar used to make garlands for his beloved Lord Ranganatha and while doing so used to narrate stories about Lord Ranganatha to Andal. The love Periazhwar had for his beloved Lord intensified further in his daughter and she was particularly attracted towards Lord Ranganatha's avatar as Lord Krishna. In Tirrupavai she imagines SriVilliputtur as Gokul, her village folks as shepherds and herself to be gopi who along with other gopis keep fasts for one month in order to meet their beloved Sri Krishna.When she came of marriageable age, she made up her mind to marry only Lord Ranganatha. Periazhwar despaired about the fate of his daughter as he could not imagine how he would ask Lord Ranganatha to marry her.

One night, Lord Ranganatha appeared in his dream and asked that Andal be sent to SriRangam in all her wedding finery. Simultaneously, the Lord appeared before the priests at SriRangam and asked them to prepare for the coming of Andal. He made all the wedding preparations and arranged for Andal's journey in a palanquin to Srirangam. Andal waited with excited anticipation as the wedding party approached Lord Ranganatha's shrine. The whole of SriRangam was beautifully decorated for this divine wedding. As they entered the temple, she jumped out of the palanquin, unable to restrain herself any longer. Running into the temple sanctum, she embraced Lord Ranganatha and disappeared in a blaze of glory, having joined her Lord. According to another legend Andal imagines a swavyamwar where all the gods are invited and she chose Sri Ranganatha as her bridegroom.

Andal had composed two works in her short life. Both are in Tamil and are unique in their literary, philosophical, religious, and artistic content.Her first work is the Tiruppavai, a poem of thirty verses. The second is the Nacciyar Tirumoli, a poem of 143 verses. Andal has a very important place in the Sri Vaishnavism sect as she is considered as the avatar of Sri Bhudevi and she is also considered as one of the twelve Azhwars saints.

In Sri Rangji mandir Sri Vivah Utsav is celebrated every year in the month of January to remember the divine marriage of Andal with Sri Ranganath